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I’m giving away 20 FREE city guide apps from GPSmyCity! Entry details are below. What is a city guide app? The main (free) app of GPSmyCity has

How Travel Can Change Us For the Better

As is probably obvious from the content on this website, I’m passionate about travel. And, beyond that, I’m passionate about how the byproducts of travel

Food + Drink

Bowls of fruit being prepared for an Emirates Airline flight.

Emirates Airline Redefines Airplane Food

Every year Emirates Flight catering bakes over 58 million bread rolls and uses over 1,250 tonnes of chicken. At that level of production, how is it

A healthy green salad.

The Dangers of Clean Eating

I was always complimented on my eating habits: “How do you eat so healthy? I see a bag of chips and have to eat them